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BE PLUS Long handle facial brush (CS509)
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BE PLUS Gentle facial brush(CS510P)

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Product Details:

  • Size : 138 × 38 × 40mm
  • Weight : 25g
  • Material : handle/Acrylic、brush/ 612nylon
  • Made in Taiwan

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Product Description :
Extra-soft nylon bristles were planted on the top of the brush. The bristles are gentle-touching and harmless to skins, and they could quickly bring about elegant bubbles in large amount for comprehensively removing grime on the skin.
This product is a personal hygiene product.
Please put it under shadows for drying after using and washing.
Please do not use it with products containing alcoholic ingredients, which would make plastic products split,break and result in harming users.
Please thoroughly read the instructions on the package before using this product.
It is advised that this product might be replaced after 3-6 months, depending on how frequently it had been used.
Due to the color difference between cameras and monitors, the color of this product on the web page might be slightly different from the color of the actual product.